About Me

Hi there! First off I have to say, please bear with me – I am not good at self introductions and I feel cheesy when writing profiles… Anyways on with the introduction!

I’m Stephanie, I’m 23, well to make it easier, I’ll say that I was born in 1990 – because I don’t want to have to update my age on this post every time I age. :P I live on an island called Newfoundland which is located in the middle of nowhere. Within this island, I also live in the middle of nowhere – no seriously, my house is in the forest. Therefore, it’s safe to say I lived a very safe and sheltered life. Join me as I hit up Asia and live out my dreams in South Korea teaching English to adorable Korean kids.

I am a ‘Social Cultural Anthropologist’ – Well, that’s my major anyway… I also consider myself a humanitarian because I empathize with people and I love to study the human condition. My interests are: travelling, meeting new friends, studying Korean,watching Korean dramas, exercising (I used to be a fatty), eating food (mostly chocolate), listening to kpop, Beauty/Makeup, animals and fashion. Feels like I’m making an eHarmony profile haha.

I hope you enjoy my Blog! 🙂


Stephanie xox


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Stephanie! I just sent in my YBM ECC application to a few minutes ago (I have two friends working through the company now). I studied anthropology as well. haha. Oh, and I used to email a guy from Newfoundland. He was going to come through the company I teach through in Hungary. Good luck with everything! I look forward to reading about your experiences and hope I get the opportunity as well.

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