Our Couple Photoshoot

I’m thinking about starting a new series(?) on this blog. Since I quickly met my boyfriend upon my 1-year stay in Korea, it changed the way I spent my time in Korea. I had so many plans to do reviews of different things in Korea, but after meeting my boyfriend, everything changed and I spent most of my time with him. Hey- I’m not complaining, but it is what it is. One thing me and my boyfriend did consistently every weekend was go on dates, therefore I have so many nice ideas and know of so many nice places to date in Korea! I want to let you know them here ūüôā I hope you enjoy!

Cute Couple things to do in Korea: 1. Couple photoshoot


This is my favorite ‘pose’ from the Green Tea Room

For Valentines day 2015, I suggested we get couple photos, like professional ones. But I really don’t like the fake posed type of photos, it makes me feel uncomfortable and I think it¬†looks cheesy, plus, my boyfriend is very bad at taking posed photos ūüėõ After doing some research (searching Korean tags on instagram) I came across a studio that took natural and fun photos: Sherbet room studio¬†in Seoul.

If you want to know more information about price, room type, exact location etc. I will leave the website here I would tell you the information in this post, but there are so many package options to choose from, so you should just go to the website, if your interested, and you can see the price based on what you want (how many rooms you choose, what type of photoshoot you want, time length you want etc.). Because the photographer messed up our appointment time a little, we got to pay the price of package B: 90,000 won (about $90 USD) but get all the benefits of package C: 60 minutes of photo taking, 3 themed rooms (sets) to choose from, 10 edits and 20 prints (however the photographer will send you every photo digitally, I believe we got over 200 shots).

The rooms are really cool, again, you can go to the website to see them. It was really difficult to chose from all the awesome room types, but before we went we decided on 3: Mango room (bright and quirky with giant boxes of iconic snacks around), Green Tea room (soft and outdoorsy, romantic spring picnic setting) and Mint room (School setting with a chalkboard and school desks).

Before we went to our shoot, we planned all of our outfit ideas. We wanted to coordinate well with each other and also, consider the colors and feeling of the room we would be shooting in. We decided for the bright mango room, we would wear a kind of monochrome look, because we wanted to stand out from the bright and busy background. We both wore out baseball couple shirts that I bought from pancoat, and some basic blue jeans. For the Green Tea room, I wanted to wear something with soft and gentle colors so we could tell the story of an¬†innocent and youthful love story, so, we decided we would wear denim shirts and I would wear my light blue skirt, and he would wear his beige pants. Finally, for the Mint room, I thought it would be a nice idea to wear a kind of “football jacket” I didn’t have one myself, but my boyfriend had 2 that were very similar. To save space in our backpacks, we decided we would just keep on our couple baseball shirts and jeans for this look and wear the football jacket over it.


Our Couple Look for the Mango Room


Our School Look for the Mint Room


Our Romantic First Date look for the Green Tea Room

When we arrived, the photographer was very late, but she kept in contact with us on the phone. My boyfriend was pretty annoyed at this, but it didn’t bother me that much. The studio was kind of a hallway with different doors leading to each theme: couple theme, family theme etc. After she arrived she unlocked the main door to the couple themed room which opened to a large studio with different sets (all of the rooms types). We then took some time looking through a photo album with example photos taken of past couples. Then we went into the change room, which had many props, outfits (couple outfits which you could borrow for the shoot), a full length mirror and a vanity. After we changed into our first outfit (for the mango room) it was show time. The photographer was young and made us feel very comfortable. She encouraged us to just play and talk together in the room so that the photos would capture us naturally. From time to time she did mention an action to do involving each other or the props and sometimes did pose our bodies or tell us how to stand or sit, but it still looked fun and natural either way. The photographer had 60 minutes to shoot us in 3 different rooms (sets) and she was able to manage the time wisely. (the time spent in the changing rooms in between changing sets did not subtract from our 60 minutes, in fact, she was not strict at all with the time and I did not at any point feel rushed)


When we went in the mint room, she encouraged us to draw (using chalk) on the blackboard that was in the background, I thought this was a nice touch and was a good way to add something personalized to the photo.


IMG_0578 Cute and Playful fun in the Mint Room

After we were finished, we got our digital copies¬†the next day. The only bad thing I can say is that out of our 200+ photos, maybe only 20 of them were nice. A lot of the photos she took one of us were derping or closing our eyes, but since it’s meant to be candid, that is to be expected. The overall experience was very nice, the results were great and it was a very nice and intimate experience to have with my boyfriend.



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