Reviewing: Lioele Pop Cherry Tint

If your looking to purchase this product but can’t seem to justify the price, keep reading! 🙂

As I said, if you’re looking for a cheap dupe for Benefits ‘benetint’ then look no further, I have just the product you are looking for. The brand ‘Lioele’ has an amazing cherry red lip tint called, “Pop Cherry Tint” and you can easily get it for under $10 on ebay. This product not only looks like Benefit’s benetint, but performs just as well in my opinion.


This lip stain looks as if it were a bottle of nail polish, it’s about the same size as a nail polish of this shape would typically be, and the brush applicator is the same as a nail polish applicator. Actually, I really like this applicator, it allows me to apply the product more evenly across my lips. The stain itself is also completely liquid.


The staining itself can be pretty sheer at first, so if you want a fuller coverage, you can apply this product in several coats once the first coat has dried.

Now let’s talk about the Pros:

This product is long lasting, as a tint should be. It smells like roses, actually this could be good or bad, depending on your preference but the scent IS subtle. Like the benetint, it can be used as a lip OR cheek stain. It adds a beautiful color to the lips and cheeks.

Cons: This product tastes pretty awful, it’s extremely bitter and leaves a floral perfume taste in your mouth. However I can only notice this if I happen to lick my lips immediately after I first apply it, after it has time to dry, it’s not as strong.


Overall I highly recommend this product, I’m addicted to the color it gives my cheeks and lips and lasting power of the stain is really good!


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