It’s the Simple Things.

It’s the simple things.

Recently, I have realized that I am starting to become really negative. I try to catch myself when I think negative thoughts, but they are getting out of hand and I am starting to bring others around me down. I am worried that the negativity is starting to Manifest itself within me, making me become an undesirable and ugly person… So I really want to try harder to acknowledge the simple and beautiful things in life.

Even when you are having the worst day possible, there will always be at least one thing that you can look at and feel some form of joy from. Instead of wallowing in your misery, it’s time to open your eyes to all the beautiful things that have always been there, but didn’t notice before because your usually to miserable to notice. I’m currently having this revelation at a hair shop in South Korea.

As I am sitting here waiting for my boyfriend to finish getting his haircut, I can’t help but notice the beautiful music playing in the background, which I found out through shazam is called ‘Don’t Worry Love걱정말아요 그래, and the smooth taste of this Americano that I was offered for free for absolutely no reason as I didn’t even have an appointment here and they know that they will not even get any business from me.


I have also been enjoying the view of the winter wonderland outside. From the photo, you cannot tell but there is the slightest layer of snow carpeting the earth, and it looks so pure and magical to me.


And I can’t forget the gorgeous and friendly golden retriever wandering around the hair salon. I think he is also enjoying the view 🙂


Never forget to take notice of the little blessings. Each day holds a is a special gift. Don’t allow anything else overshadow these precious things.

Remember. Life is good 🙂

#itsthesimplethings #lifeisgood #dontworrybehappy


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