My DIY Valentines Day

Valentines Day is over. But I still wanted to make this post because if you are living in Korea or have a Korean partner, you may know that White Day is coming this March 14. It’s basically the same as Valentines Day. I hope this post can give you some ideas! ^^

First Concept: Romantic Canopy for two

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This was super cheap and easy to make and so so so romantic!

All you need is: A hula hoop, curtains, I used 4 (I recommend you use white sheer ones to make it more romantic but it’s up to you), pillows, a blanket, and string lights.

First I cut the hula hoop in half with a knife. Then I put hula hoop through the opening space at the top of the curtains (the part you normally put the rod through). Then I taped the hula hoop together. If you want to completely cover the color of the hula hoop, you can spray paint it first or wrap ribbon around it.

Then to hang it, you just need to tie 4 wide pieces of ribbon or string (all the same length) around the hula hoop in four even sections and gather them together and tie them together. Then, attach another piece of string and tie a loop for hanging.

I attached a hook to the ceiling and hung it from that.

Then I strung the lights around the top, there was no method to this, just arrange it around the top of the hoop so it looks nice.

Then to decorate it, I got twine and clothes-pinned Polaroids of me and my boyfriend to make a cute banner. You can just use regular sized photos and cut them into Polaroid shapes. I also attached a separate banner that you can make by cutting letters out of felt and threading a string through slits made in the letters.

Finally, make the inside cozy. Put a lot of cute pillows and arrange a thick blanket into a circular shape to make the floor of your canopy.

Second Concept: Romantic dessert arrangement:

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This romantic dessert was a lot easier to make than it looks and is sure to impress your sweetheart!

To make the strawberry flower arrangement, you need: Strawberries, some form of chocolate, white and dark, shredded coconut (or crushed nuts), grapes or other fruits such as pineapple, melon, etc., barbecue skewers, lettuce, flower pot or vase, Styrofoam ball or floral foam (used for making flower arrangements).

First, cut the foam so it fits inside your vase or flower pot. Stick the skewers through the fruit and arrange it in the foam the way you like it. I would do this before dipping them into the chocolate because it could get messy if you don’t know what you are doing before hand. Now it’s time to melt the chocolate. I did by microwaving it in 40 second intervals until it was completely melted. Dip your fruit in the chocolate however you want. You could also skip this step if you don’t want to cover them in chocolate. Then sprinkle the nuts or coconut or drizzle the the opposite kind of chocolate over it. Repeat until your arrangement is done. Use lettuce to hide the skewers and make it look more like a flower arrangement.

For the cake, it was actually a made a ombre pink cake (you cant tell by the photo) that I stacked to look like pancakes. I used 3 separate cake pans, adding a little more pink die to each  pan to give them an ombre look. In the middle of each layer, I put a white chocolate ganache (white chocolate + heavy cream), but you could also use strawberry jam. Then I just garnished with strawberry and dusted powdered sugar over it. You can make the lovely cake bunting decoration by using 2 paper straws, and felt hearts and letters cut out to say Love You (using a stencil).

I put everything on a wooden tray with fake rose petals and lit tea candles. I didn’t have a coffee table, or a small table, so I put everything on top of a storage tub that I had lying around.

Third Concept: Simple. Traditional. Classic… But with a Twist.

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Okay so White Day and Valentines day is centered around chocolate. The most typical present to give your Love would be a box of chocolates. In my case though, my boyfriend doesn’t like eating a lot of chocolate and instead, he prefers eating fruit. Since it was Valentines day though, I couldn’t forget about the chocolate, so I combined both!

This DIY is pretty self-explanatory and is far from a unique gift, but still more special and thoughtful than just buying a box of chocolates. And looks super cute too! ^^ I just bought a gift box and mini muffin baking cups to put the strawberries in. First I chose what strawberries I would be using and arranged them in the box to make sure everything fit. Then I just got super messy and wallah!

Fourth Concept: Handmade fruit tea preserves


What you need: You only need 5 things to make this tea!

Oranges, or Lemons (I used 3 large oranges to fill this one 200 ml jar), Jar, sugar (use as many cups of sugar as you use cups of fruit), honey (use as much as you prefer. I just kept doing a taste test and stopped when I was satisfied with the taste), baking soda.

First I boiled hot water and poured in my jar to sterilize the inside.

Next, I thoroughly washed my oranges with hot water and scrubbed the peels. Next, I covered the outside (peel) of my oranges with baking soda and let it sit there for 5 minutes. This is supposed to further sterilize the peels. Next, I cut the oranges in half and scooped out the insides and put in a measuring cup (this was to determine how much sugar I would need).

Then I cute the peel into narrow rectangular shaped slivers and I put the inside part of the oranges, equal amount of sugar, and slivers of peel into a pot and turned on the heat to let it boil. Keep stirring. The juice should release and the mixture should be a little liquidy, but make sure it maintains a thick consistency similar to marmalade. Add honey to taste. I also added cinnamon, but this is optional.

Finally, put this mixture in the jar. I decorated this jar with a clear sticker that said “Home made” and I tied some twine and string around the jar. I also glued a round paper doily to the top to make it look cute.

To enjoy this tea, take out a generous scoop of the mixture and put in your cup then add boiled water and stir. It’s so delicious!!

Final concept: Rustic Handmade card.

This one is rustic and made from scraps found in my home!

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This card is also self-explanatory~ It’s very simple and I just made it from some materials I found lying around my house. Things I used: cardboard, paper doily, ribbon, 2 stickers, twine and lace. Don’t forget to write a sweet message inside! ^^

Happy Valentines Day & Happy White Day!



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