Number 10: Banana Tree

To kick off my top 10 list of unique Cafe’s, I will start with one of the cutest and by far most delicious cafe’s I have been to in Seoul, ‘Banana Tree’. Please read my blog post about this sweet cafe below.(Also, keep in mind that this top 10 post is not in any particular order as all of the cafe’s on my list are equally amazing in their own way).


So I have been on the search for the cutest cafes in Korea. Actually, it’s really not hard to find something cute in Korea. One of the cutest for me though, would have to be Banana Tree. This cafe has two locations, Itaewon and Sinsa-dong. I have never been to the Sinsa-dong location before, but have been to the Itaewon location twice. The most popular menu item would be the adorable puddings in the flower pots, and the cotton candy (som som) latte. The first time I ordered the banana, milk caramel som som latte. I highly recommend that one!! It’s super good. The second time I went I ordered the pistachio flavor. This one was good, but not great for me. As for the flower pot puddings, I ordered the espresso flavor the first time, and the blueberry flavor the second time. Both were absolutely delicious, but for me I enjoyed the espresso flavor best. The cotton candy was a great addition to the drink and tasted great, even though I usually don’t even like cotton candy. The pudding has cake inside and is super moist. The flowers inside the pot are fake and are stuck inside a little straw. They give you cute shovel spoons to eat the pudding with.IMG_7668

The interior looks vintage and is super bright and cherry. I love going to this cafe and I highly recommend it to others. Not only does the food/beverage look adorable, but it also tastes amazing too! I love the cute vintage banana theme on the inside.


Uniqueness factor: I would say what makes this cafe most special and most unique is obvious, the cotton candy lattes, and the potted pudding cakes. Banana Tree stays true to it’s name too, with a number of banana flavored items on the menu, and it’s vintage banana decorations throughout the cafe. Also as mentioned before, this cafe not only looks adorable, but the taste of each menu item is also truly amazing!



Next time I go there, I will be sure to take a photo of the menu and include it here.

I have included a map to both of the locations below!

So, if you are in the area, and are craving something different and cute, check this place out!







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