Top 10: Unique Cafe’s in Korea

Living in Korea for about 2 years, and being the coffee lover that  I am, I think I have been to my fair share of cafes here in Korea. Usually when I visit a cafe, the coffee/desserts are only 50% of the experience for me. If I were only in it for the coffee, I would just stick to the non-fail typical coffee shops such as, Starbucks, Holly’s Coffee, Cafe Bene, TOMNTOMS, etc,. However, the other 50% of the experience comes from the interior atmosphere and level of cuteness/uniqueness. I would love to show my special finds with you guys (which don’t only include Seoul) and hope that you check out these places next time your in the area. I will include a detailed post on each of my top 10 favorites, which by the way, are not in any particular order, as they are all equally amazing! When I find more, I will include a part 2. But for now, please enjoy my top 10 favorite cafe’s in Korea!




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