Number 9: Ryan Cafe

724_2_1Next on our list is ‘Ryan Cafe’ (not to be confused with ‘Cafe Talk’) located near exit 10 of Gangnam station. If you had been living in Korea for any amount of time, or have some Korean friends, there’s a good chance you have heard of the phone application ‘kakaotalk’. ‘Kakaotalk friends’ are characters created by the makers of the app. They are extremely cute characters with very expressive and relatable personalities. They serve as emoticon stickers that you can place directly in your chat to express your current mood or feeling.


The kakaotalk friends are, ‘Muzi’, a stick of pickled raddish who thinks he’s a rabbit, ‘Con’, the the small dinosaur looking sidekick responsible for bring Muzi to life, ‘Tube’, a duck with a split personality, who becomes a fire breathing monster when angry, ‘Apeach’, a genetically modified peach brought to life by Con, Frodo and Neo a dog and cat couple, ‘Jay-G’, a secret agent by day, DJ by night, and last but not least, the newest edition to the Kakao friends, and arguably the most popular character of the friends, Ryan – a maneless lion. This Cafe is all about Ryan, although you can buy desserts with the other characters’ faces on it too.


Inside the Kakao friends store

So to get to this cafe, you will have to find the Kakao Friends store just outside of Gangnam station exit 10. It’s really near the station, so just keep walking straight from exit 10 and you can’t miss it! Once your I nside the store, you can find the cafe on the 3rd floor. There are quite a few kakao friends stores around Korea, but only one ‘Ryan Cafe’. Unfortunately, this cafe is quite expensive, but the desserts and coffee are just too cute, especially if your a fan of the characters. You can buy a macaron with only 3 of the characters faces, Muzi(banana), Ryan (chocolate), and Apeach (raspberry). The macaron’s are 3,000 won each.  I thought that was quite expensive for a single tiny macaron, but I ended up buying the Ryan macaron because it was cute and the cheapest item on the menu.

The cupcakes are probably the cutest dessert at the cafe. They also are only made with the faces of Muzi, Apeach, and of course, Ryan. The flavors are the same as the macaron’s, but for some reason the Apeach cupcake is strawberry, instead of raspberry. It kind of annoyed me that the Apeach desserts were not peach flavored… Seemed obvious to me. I didn’t end up buying a cupcake this time around though because they cost 6,000 won each, and I thought that was a lot for a cupcake! You can also buy a set of 3 for 20,000 won. The ice Americano was the cheapest drink on the menu as expected, and costs 4,000 won. My brother got the  most expensive drink, the Nutella frappe, and that cost 5,500 won. Actually, the price of the drinks are not bad at all for Korea.

imageThe uniqueness factor of this cafe for me would be the themed desserts, and decor. If you’re a fan of these characters, you’ll love this cafe! Don’t forget to get a photo sitting next to the life-sized slouching Ryan! However, keep in mind that you could easily get carried away and blow a large portion of money here, so just be careful!

imageOverall I had a great time looking around the Kakao friend store and my time spent in the Ryan Cafe was time well spent!


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