Number 8: All That Sweets Cafe

  1. All that Sweets cafe is cutest cafe I have ever seen in my life. This is not a stretch, when you see it, I think you would fall in love like I did. I first found this cafe on instagram by searching Korean tags. I highly recommend you check out their instagram: ‘all_that_sweets’.

First of all, it’s not the decor that makes this cafe special. In fact, the cafe itself is very small and looks a little cluttered with so many people and so many tables in such a small space. The winner of this cafe would have to be the menu. The menu items are super cute and original. I really hope that if this cafe can get more popularity, they will be able to expand. Let’s jump right in!

This cafe is located at Nam Seong station, which is on line number 7, the dark green line. Go to exit 1, and from there walk until you see a side street lined with vegetable sellers. You should see this side street almost immediately from exiting. Once you reach the end of this side street, you will be able to see the cafe right away.

The menu items that this cafe is known for is their adorably unique cakes with cute animal characters faces on them, and their lattes with meringue cookies on top of the whip cream. If you want to truly experience this cafe, expect to intake a lot of calories. I recommend you share with a friend if you are on a diet. Just don’t wimp out if this is your first time visiting, don’t get an Americano or ask for there to be no whip topping on your drink. If you want the full experience, you’ve gotta go big. Here’s a look at the drink menu:


In case you can’t read Korean, I will translate the menu for you. Starting from the back left, we have ‘flower cloud’ Strawberry smoothie, ‘Rain cloud’ Ice Chocolate, Summer Latte. Now starting at the front left we have ‘Girls latte’, ‘Cherry Blossom latte’, ‘Cloud latte’, and ‘Squirrel latte’, which ended up being the one we tried.

As you can see, the drinks are reasonably priced, by Korean standard. The cute details that you see on top are made from baked meringues. The flavor of the squirrel latte was just a standard iced sweet coffee taste, nothing special. However, I obviously didn’t buy it for taste alone.



Next we have the cakes. I went on a Thursday, and the cakes were almost completely sold out. I heard that they make most of the menu items over the weekend and on Monday. Therefore, the cafe is closed on those days. I guess once they sellout, they are gone, so I recommend you go on Tuesday if you want to see everything they have to offer. Although some of the cakes had a slightly different design, they were all the same flavor, peach. Maybe each week they have random different flavors, or the flavors change per season. But that’s just my guess. When we went there, there was one pink cat cake, and some yellow bunny and bear cakes. Since the pink one was so cute and there was only one left, I decided to choose that one.


Isn’t that cake too adorable? I felt so depressed when I had to cut through it with my fork. It was honestly too cute to eat!! All of the eyes, ears and decorations you see are made from white chocolate and icing. If you see their instagram, you can check out what kind of design they will be selling each week.



Mmmm looks delicious! You can see the chunks of peach on the side. I have to say, this cake was really delicious!


UPDATE: If you are reading this in the month that I am publishing this post, I want to let you know that they now have an adorable Halloween menu! I am definitely going back there soon! I will make an update to this post after I have tried the Halloween menu.


If you are interested, you can also buy meringues, sugar cookies and macrons in the cafe.

imageimage I’ll put a map below so you can easily find the location of this lovely cafe!



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