Number 7: Banana milk & Honey Butter Chip Cafe!



So I have decided this time that I would do a double feature instead of writing two separate posts. The reason for this is because these two cafes were located next to each other and had a similar gimmick. If you have been in Korea, you most likely have heard of banana milk in that cute shaped container.


The brand that makes that banana milk, ‘binggrae’, makes melon milk, coffee milk, strawberry, and chocolate. They even had peanut milk at one point. However, banana is definitely their best flavor and most popular. I can’t get enough of it! That’s why when I saw that there was a binggrae Banana milk cafe I knew I HAD to go there. They also had a giant banana milk statue outside the cafe that you could take a photo with. The cafe name is ‘Yellow Cafe’.

Directly next to this cafe was a Honey Butter chip cafe with a statue of honey butter chips that you could get a photo with as well. If you have been in Korea last year, you have probably experienced the honey butter chip craze. Those chips were so popular that it was nearly impossible to get your hands on them. They even had a limit on how many you could buy. After ordering these babies online for 3 times the actual cost, I can tell you that the flavor was unexpected for me. It was the perfect combination of savory and sweet.


Now there is a cafe dedicated to them. Honey Butter everything! And like the Banana Milk cafe, there was also a giant statue of Honey Butter Chips that you can get a photo with. So I decided that I was going to buy a drink from the Banana Milk cafe, and buy a dessert item from the Honey Butter Chip cafe. I will show you a photo of the menu from the Yellow Cafe.


I apologize for the poor quality photo! It was taken with my iphone 5s, so the quality is poor. I now have upgraded to an iphone 6 so in the future, the quality of my photos should be better than now. The drink I bought was the first one on the menu, banana latte.


The taste was exactly as you would expect, no surprises here. If you love coffee and you love banana milk, you wont be disappointed. When I go here next time, I will try their icecream. It looked really delicious. I will now show some photos of the interior, which is really cute.


Ok moving on to the next cafe, Haitairo, the honey butter chip cafe. The most famous menu item  here would be their icecreams, and their homemade honey butter chips. I decided to buy an icecream from here which had some homemade honey butter chips shaped like fries on the side.



The vanilla icecream was very delicious and tasted really pure and free from all the gross  additives that most icecreams have. The chips on the side look like french fries, but they were flat like chips. The taste of these chips were exactly like the honey butter chips that you can buy in the store, if you have never tried them before, I can only describe them as sweet with a subtle savory taste. These chips paired beautifully with the vanilla icecream.


The interior is really bright and cute. You can buy some snacks, including honey butter chips inside. They also had these cute mini wooden honey sticks for sale for 2000 won. I had to buy one.


Overall I highly recommend checking out these cafes. You can find them in the Hyundai City Outlet on the 2nd lower ground floor located in Dongdaemun.



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