How to Use this Blog:

Well, it’s not rocket Science 😛


Here is where I will journal my daily experiences, thoughts, frustrations, encounters, anxieties, goals, emotions etc. These posts will be a personal record of my life experiences and I will only write in here when I have something on my mind or in my life  that I need to share.


Here is where I will document my Adventures in Korea. I will share all things I have found unique to Korean culture, anything quirky and strange, cute cafes, cosmetic stores, restaurants, boutiques, snack foods, Beauty salons etc. Basically anything I find during my travels that’s worth sharing!

Untitled3This category is pretty straight forward, click here if your interested in Beauty Hauls, makeup trends and Reviews; mostly Korean makeup/skincare brands (but not exclusively Korean makeup/skincare brands).


Again, pretty straight forward: Here I will post anything Fashion related such as hauls, ootd and Korean fashion trends. I may also
feature boutique reviews and recommendations and Kpop style steals.

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