Number 7: Banana milk & Honey Butter Chip Cafe!

  So I have decided this time that I would do a double feature instead of writing two separate posts. The reason for this is because these two cafes were located next to each other and had a similar gimmick. … Continue reading

My DIY Valentines Day

Valentines Day is over. But I still wanted to make this post because if you are living in Korea or have a Korean partner, you may know that White Day is coming this March 14. It’s basically the same as Valentines Day. I hope this post can give you some ideas! ^^

First Concept: Romantic Canopy for two

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This was super cheap and easy to make and so so so romantic!

All you need is: A hula hoop, curtains, I used 4 (I recommend you use white sheer ones to make it more romantic but it’s up to you), pillows, a blanket, and string lights.

First I cut the hula hoop in half with a knife. Then I put hula hoop through the opening space at the top of the curtains (the part you normally put the rod through). Then I taped the hula hoop together. If you want to completely cover the color of the hula hoop, you can spray paint it first or wrap ribbon around it.

Then to hang it, you just need to tie 4 wide pieces of ribbon or string (all the same length) around the hula hoop in four even sections and gather them together and tie them together. Then, attach another piece of string and tie a loop for hanging.

I attached a hook to the ceiling and hung it from that.

Then I strung the lights around the top, there was no method to this, just arrange it around the top of the hoop so it looks nice.

Then to decorate it, I got twine and clothes-pinned Polaroids of me and my boyfriend to make a cute banner. You can just use regular sized photos and cut them into Polaroid shapes. I also attached a separate banner that you can make by cutting letters out of felt and threading a string through slits made in the letters.

Finally, make the inside cozy. Put a lot of cute pillows and arrange a thick blanket into a circular shape to make the floor of your canopy.

Second Concept: Romantic dessert arrangement:

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This romantic dessert was a lot easier to make than it looks and is sure to impress your sweetheart!

To make the strawberry flower arrangement, you need: Strawberries, some form of chocolate, white and dark, shredded coconut (or crushed nuts), grapes or other fruits such as pineapple, melon, etc., barbecue skewers, lettuce, flower pot or vase, Styrofoam ball or floral foam (used for making flower arrangements).

First, cut the foam so it fits inside your vase or flower pot. Stick the skewers through the fruit and arrange it in the foam the way you like it. I would do this before dipping them into the chocolate because it could get messy if you don’t know what you are doing before hand. Now it’s time to melt the chocolate. I did by microwaving it in 40 second intervals until it was completely melted. Dip your fruit in the chocolate however you want. You could also skip this step if you don’t want to cover them in chocolate. Then sprinkle the nuts or coconut or drizzle the the opposite kind of chocolate over it. Repeat until your arrangement is done. Use lettuce to hide the skewers and make it look more like a flower arrangement.

For the cake, it was actually a made a ombre pink cake (you cant tell by the photo) that I stacked to look like pancakes. I used 3 separate cake pans, adding a little more pink die to each  pan to give them an ombre look. In the middle of each layer, I put a white chocolate ganache (white chocolate + heavy cream), but you could also use strawberry jam. Then I just garnished with strawberry and dusted powdered sugar over it. You can make the lovely cake bunting decoration by using 2 paper straws, and felt hearts and letters cut out to say Love You (using a stencil).

I put everything on a wooden tray with fake rose petals and lit tea candles. I didn’t have a coffee table, or a small table, so I put everything on top of a storage tub that I had lying around.

Third Concept: Simple. Traditional. Classic… But with a Twist.

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Okay so White Day and Valentines day is centered around chocolate. The most typical present to give your Love would be a box of chocolates. In my case though, my boyfriend doesn’t like eating a lot of chocolate and instead, he prefers eating fruit. Since it was Valentines day though, I couldn’t forget about the chocolate, so I combined both!

This DIY is pretty self-explanatory and is far from a unique gift, but still more special and thoughtful than just buying a box of chocolates. And looks super cute too! ^^ I just bought a gift box and mini muffin baking cups to put the strawberries in. First I chose what strawberries I would be using and arranged them in the box to make sure everything fit. Then I just got super messy and wallah!

Fourth Concept: Handmade fruit tea preserves


What you need: You only need 5 things to make this tea!

Oranges, or Lemons (I used 3 large oranges to fill this one 200 ml jar), Jar, sugar (use as many cups of sugar as you use cups of fruit), honey (use as much as you prefer. I just kept doing a taste test and stopped when I was satisfied with the taste), baking soda.

First I boiled hot water and poured in my jar to sterilize the inside.

Next, I thoroughly washed my oranges with hot water and scrubbed the peels. Next, I covered the outside (peel) of my oranges with baking soda and let it sit there for 5 minutes. This is supposed to further sterilize the peels. Next, I cut the oranges in half and scooped out the insides and put in a measuring cup (this was to determine how much sugar I would need).

Then I cute the peel into narrow rectangular shaped slivers and I put the inside part of the oranges, equal amount of sugar, and slivers of peel into a pot and turned on the heat to let it boil. Keep stirring. The juice should release and the mixture should be a little liquidy, but make sure it maintains a thick consistency similar to marmalade. Add honey to taste. I also added cinnamon, but this is optional.

Finally, put this mixture in the jar. I decorated this jar with a clear sticker that said “Home made” and I tied some twine and string around the jar. I also glued a round paper doily to the top to make it look cute.

To enjoy this tea, take out a generous scoop of the mixture and put in your cup then add boiled water and stir. It’s so delicious!!

Final concept: Rustic Handmade card.

This one is rustic and made from scraps found in my home!

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This card is also self-explanatory~ It’s very simple and I just made it from some materials I found lying around my house. Things I used: cardboard, paper doily, ribbon, 2 stickers, twine and lace. Don’t forget to write a sweet message inside! ^^

Happy Valentines Day & Happy White Day!


It’s the Simple Things.

It’s the simple things.

Recently, I have realized that I am starting to become really negative. I try to catch myself when I think negative thoughts, but they are getting out of hand and I am starting to bring others around me down. I am worried that the negativity is starting to Manifest itself within me, making me become an undesirable and ugly person… So I really want to try harder to acknowledge the simple and beautiful things in life.

Even when you are having the worst day possible, there will always be at least one thing that you can look at and feel some form of joy from. Instead of wallowing in your misery, it’s time to open your eyes to all the beautiful things that have always been there, but didn’t notice before because your usually to miserable to notice. I’m currently having this revelation at a hair shop in South Korea.

As I am sitting here waiting for my boyfriend to finish getting his haircut, I can’t help but notice the beautiful music playing in the background, which I found out through shazam is called ‘Don’t Worry Love걱정말아요 그래, and the smooth taste of this Americano that I was offered for free for absolutely no reason as I didn’t even have an appointment here and they know that they will not even get any business from me.


I have also been enjoying the view of the winter wonderland outside. From the photo, you cannot tell but there is the slightest layer of snow carpeting the earth, and it looks so pure and magical to me.


And I can’t forget the gorgeous and friendly golden retriever wandering around the hair salon. I think he is also enjoying the view 🙂


Never forget to take notice of the little blessings. Each day holds a is a special gift. Don’t allow anything else overshadow these precious things.

Remember. Life is good 🙂

#itsthesimplethings #lifeisgood #dontworrybehappy

Reviewing: Tony Moly Magic Food Banana


Okay so I am the LAST person who is in need of a hand cream! I have a massive collection of hand creams, and it’s not even because my hands are THAT dry that I need to have dozens of hand creams on hand, no, it’s because I feel the urge to buy every hand cream that has a nice smell or has cute packaging on the market. Actually, come to think it, my ‘habit’ is not limited to hand creams… I feel the need to buy ANYTHING with a cute package design, and i’m sure if your reading this post, you can relate as well. This habit of mine is especially bad when living in Korea and trying to save money. I mean it’s like a kid in the candy store if that kid is me and the candy store is AS BIG AS AN ENTIRE COUNTRY! I digress…

Anyways, buying these little suckers was completely unintentional for me. I was just walking home one day after my Korean class finished and I decided to take the ‘scenic route’ (aka, the route that allows me to pass by all the makeup stores…) when suddenly, through the large glass window of a Tony Moly shop a yellow thing caught my eye. In fact, I even had to backtrack to see this… anyways, long story short, I saw the cute little banana shaped tubes (of what ever this was- heck I didn’t care, it was about the outer package after all, not the actual product inside) I fell in love, and the rest we can say was history.

Sorry for the ramble guys, I’m in a silly mood today. Let’s just get right into the products hehe. Ok, actually I have 2 products to review today, because I couldn’t just get one. SO I have the Tonly Moly banana sleeping pack and the Tony Moly banana ‘hand milk’.

FIRST lets talk about the hand cream (hand milk).



1. CUTE PACKAGING, duh 😛 I mean it’s pretty small and in a cute squishy banana shaped tube. To get the product out of the tube, you simply squeeze. The lid or cover of the banana is made of hard plastic, so you simply twist or unscrew the top. Then you will see a little narrow nozzle(?) and the product will come out from there. The banana tube itself that holds the product seems to be made out of a slightly different material from the hard plastic lid. This tube is squeezable and has an almost rubber-like finish. The lid is a slightly different color from the tube, it’s a little strange, but not exactly a deal-breaker for me.

Sorry, couldn't resist the eye thing :P

Sorry, couldn’t resist the eye thing 😛

2. SMELL: Has a slight floral scent, maybe slightly rosey with a hint of Jasmine – NAH, it smells like bananas of course 😛 If you have ever drinken? drunkin ? drank? drunk? Um.. if you ever tried banana milk in Korea, it basically smells exactly like that, kind of a creamy banana smell.

This is my favorite thing to drink EVER!

3. Okay so maybe your not fickle like me, and maybe your actually considering this hand cream because of what it does, you know, moisturize your hands. Well, your in luck because it actually does the job pretty well! The consistency is thick and not at all greasy, it sinks into the skin pretty well and the banana smell is not sickly or over-powering.

CONS: I can’t really think of anything to put here. I mean it is what is it. I guess the only thing I can say is that if you are only looking for a decent hand cream to get the job done, you can save your money and just buy a cheaper one that costs less. I don’t remember the exact price I spent at the store, but most of you may be considering to buy it online anyways.



Tony Moly Banana Sleeping Pack. This needs little introduction, and I will save you the time since I made an unnecessarily long introduction spiel to this post. I will just say that this tube is larger than the hand cream tube. Sorry that I did not include exactly how much product you get in each tube, it’s been awhile since I bought them and I have thrown away the box. However, I just hope you can get a feeling of the size by viewing my photos 🙂2015-05-19-16-31-53_deco

PROS: Everything about this product is almost the same as the hand cream. Same scent, same tube, (except larger) same applicator. This however is meant to be worn before bed as a sleeping pack. The consistency is thick, but not oily or greasy. It sinks down into my skin and my skin just drinks it all up. Keep in mind that I have a normal to dry skin type, so I cannot account for how oily skin users find this product. However, since you just wear it to bed, I don’t see an issue here. When I wake up in the morning, it just leaves my face feeling soft and hydrated. The scent is light so it should not bother you while you try to sleep.

This product is so good for me, that sometimes I will even wear it during the day, under my foundation. I think normal to dry skin users will also find that it just does a great job at hydrating the skin.

CONS: Again, not sure what to put here. The consistency is kind of thick and creamy, so if you like more liquid consistency products on your skin, maybe this isn’t for you. Like I said before though, since it’s meant to be worn before bed, it’s not an issue for me. But if you don’t like a heavy-ish cream on your face during bedtime, maybe you will have a problem with this.


Both products are great buys for me, and for some reason, I just felt I couldn’t buy one without the other. Both work great and perform the task they are meant to perform. However, if your only buying this product because you want to collect cute looking products and you like this cute design, I would recommend just buying the hand cream, it’s small and cute and you will get compliments on it when you carry it in you purse or backpack 🙂

Diary: Not-so-brief Life Update

Okay, so last time I updated this blog was a little over a year ago when I was heading off to Korea for my year of teaching. I had the intention to update daily and include reviews, diary posts, and other posts… but it did not happen. I am back home in Canada now, kind of back to where I started. It’s kind of unfortunate that I did not keep updating this blog, but in my defence I never had a laptop during my entire stay, and, I don’t think it would be easy to keep making updates using my mobile phone of tablet. Also during my stay, I was purely living in the moment, I had no time for reflection. It’s kind of sad really, but you will notice that about your life in Korea, if you go there for one year… There is no time for self-reflection, no time for anything. Sadly, one year was just long enough to feel home-sick, but too short to settle and feel a sense of belonging there.

As for me, no matter what I choose to do in my life, there has to be growth. Before I went to Korea, I had so many goals and things I hoped to accomplish in that one year. Sadly, I quickly lost sight of my goals, and looking back I didn’t really accomplish many things in that one year. I would encourage anyone who has a plan to go abroad to teach, or do anything for one or more years, to write down a list of things they hope to accomplish, look at your list often, and don’t loose sight of those things. Don’t get distracted away from bettering yourself. When one goes abroad for a significant amount of time, time doesn’t stop. People back at home still live their lives without you. A lot of things can happen in one year: people die, get sick, get married, have babies, graduate, etc.. So remember: while you are away, time does not stop back at home.

Sorry for being negative, but it’s very easy to waste years of your life away in play. I knew that I could easily stay in Korea longer by re-signing my contract, and just continuing to float by, going with the flow, ignoring my goals and things going on back at home. However, during my time there, I suddenly and unexpectedly got hit really hard by those realizations. I guess you could say I had a quarter-life crisis, although at the time it felt like full on depression. Suddenly I realized that time is precious and is passing by quickly. Beyond teaching ESL in Korea, I had no other backup plan. I kept thinking, how long can I really get by doing this job? It’s not a secure or sustainable future. Then I started to look at my lack of skills and abilities for the ‘real’ job market and felt like I was only wasting my time. Part of the reason for this was because I was not passionate about teaching at all. Those thoughts are just some of the reasons why I decided to come home and get my crap together. While I do plan to go back there in a few months to start another teaching job, (you’ll find out why later) I am also thinking about the long term future.

My time here; in my home and in my boring but peaceful home town will be spent bettering myself, working toward my goals and preparing for my long-term future. Overall would I recommend working abroad for a year? Yes, you will learn a lot about yourself and despite the internal struggle I went through, it was totally worth it.

On a happier and less serious note, I met a wonderful guy in Korea, and we will soon celebrate our 1 year anniversary (not marriage anniversary kkk). I think he was part of the reasons why I took a serious look at my life, so I guess I should be thankful for that. He is the biggest reason why I have decided to go back there and teach again soon. Meeting someone and falling in love was actually one of my goals, so congrats to me on accomplishing that 🙂

Anyways, I plan to work on my blog more, I will definitely make a post summarizing my past year in Korea, and include photos too! I will also talk in detail about the job I had and if I would recommend it to others, the location I was living in, the story of how I met my lovely boyfriend, and also just random things I did and places I went to. Don’t worry, it will be light and airy from here on out 🙂 I hope if I update frequently, and keep doing my product reviews, I will achieve more followers  – and if I get more followers, I will be encouraged to do more with this blog!

Thank you for listening


Diary: Something tells me that today is going to be the longest day of my life…

So I had a bit of a rude awakening this morning when I woke up. My morning routine started as usual, me rolling around in bed for about a half hour not wanting to actually wake up, saying a morning prayer (I really needed it today), taking my ‘One-a-day’ gummy vitamins which are conveniently next to my bed and then, once my brain is fully alert and my eyes well-adjusted to the sunlight shining in through my window, I checked my email. I was already expecting an email from the manager of my school in Korea answering a few of my questions that I had sent her 2 days ago. However there were 3 emails from her and the one that immediately caught my eye was the one whose subject line read: “It is urgent (From YBM ECC) Your flight schedule is changed!!!” And as you would expect from reading that, my original flight, which was scheduled for March 21st, is now changed for March 20th at 5:30am! So basically, I have to be ready to go to the airport tonight! And while it may not seem like a big deal to most people, for me, someone who leaves EVERYTHING to the last minute and likes to procrastinate, this is extremely unsettling news. I have been forced into PANIC-MODE!

So basically, my anxiety level is through the roof, and I feel like i’m not mentally prepared for this long journey. It’s seriously going to take every bit of good out of me. Honestly, I don’t even have time to be writing this, why am I writing this?? Seriously! I have no time to be sitting around. Here’s whats going on in my head right now: I know I am going to end up forgetting something, I know that tonight I’m going to be crying my heart out as I leave my family behind for a year, I know I am going to be overtired from not sleeping on the plane, I know I’ll be stressed out running from flight to flight (Deer Lake -> Toronto -> Vancouver -> Tokyo -> Incheon) and also, I know I’ll be so nervous about the crazy week (of orientation) I’m going to have once I actually arrive in Korea. Just thinking about all of this makes me want to run and hide under my bed until it’s all over. I mean, I love travelling, airports don’t bother me, airplanes for the most part don’t bother me, unlike most people, I enjoy plane food, and I’m totally cool and experienced with travelling alone… but for some reason, right here, right now, all of this stuff seems overwhelming and impossible.

My life here at home as of late has been me lazing around all day and eating whatever I want whenever I want and hanging out with my family. My stress level is non-existent. So being exposed to all of this at once is going to be really hard on me since I’m not used to it but I’m sure I’ll make it.

As far as whats left to do: Finish packing, shower, visit my Nan (who is 92 years old ㅠㅠ) give her the cookies I made her and have a cup of tea with her, briefly meet up with one of my friends, buy some last minute things at the drugstore, charge up all of my things, and get my Dad to finish fixing my glasses. I think that’s all. I hope that’s all!

I’m not sure when I’ll update this again, maybe when I arrive in Korea. Wish me luck on my travels, I’ll seriously need it!

Stephanie xox

Reviewing: Etude House Rosy tint Lips


Hey guys, long time no post! Actually, I have been busy with the whole E2 Visa application process. I’m just trying to get to Korea but the whole process is long and tedious and requires a lot of patience. Anyway, more on that later. For now, lets get straight into talking about the product that’s up for review: Etude House Rosy tint Lips a product introduced for fall 2013. Guys I’m sorry that I am not reviewing any new products but living in Canada means that I have to order all my Korean makeup products online via ebay. I’m not planning on buying any new Korean makeup products until I actually go to Korea because it will be cheaper and I don’t want to buy too many things before now and then since my luggage is building up more and more. So, you will have to excuse me for reviewing older products for now which may or may not still be available in Korean stores but are certainly available for purchase online.


When I first saw the colors available in this line I wanted to buy almost all of them. This product is awesome! However, I only ended up purchasing 2: Tea Rose and After Blossom. Tea rose is a slight coral nude color and After Blossom is a deep berry burgundy color. The scent is a strong rose/floral scent and the texture is thick and creamy (not sticky). But dries completely matte, a lot like a liquid matte lipstick. The product is dispensed from a hole in the sponge tip by squeezing the tube (really hard).

Without flash on the bottom left, and with flash on the bottom right

Without flash on the bottom left, and with flash on the bottom right

Here are the pros:

1. These are super pigmented and if you wear lip concealer before applying these lip tints, you will get the true color.

2. Since it dries matte, and is considered a “tint” it is very long lasting. You don’t have to worry about constantly re-applying throughout the day.

3. Beautiful colors and amazing color selection. The colors shown in the photo from Etude House is a true representation of how they will look on your lips as long as you use a concealer before applying (if you have a dark natural lip).

4. The sponge tip applicator may be a pro to some and a con to others, depending on your preference. Although it’s ideal for blending the lip color when doing an ombre/gradient look, some may not like how the sponge gets dirty looking once the product stains the white sponge tip.


1. This product is really hard to squeeze out of the tube. obviously this is not a major set-back but it can be pretty annoying and is a real workout for your hands – especially if this product is left in a cold environment for too long, I learned this the hard way when I accidentally left it in the back window of my car during the freezing Canadian winter.

2. Although the scent is appropriate for the flower garden theme of these lip products, the floral/perfumy scent may be sickly to some and may remind others of their grandma.

Overall, I love this product and I plan to buy more colors when I go to Korea (if they are still selling these in stores that is).

Reviewing: Etude House Kissful lip care line

I have a total of 3 products from the Kissful lip line: the Kissful lip care scrub, Kissful lip care concealer and the Lip perfume – the Kissful lip care scrub being the most recent addition to my collection. However, instead of just reviewing the lip care scrub, I have decided to review all 3 of the products I own from this line since they are somewhat related (all lip products).


This line is extremely cute – but then again, what else would you expect from Etude House? The packaging features a picture of a cute girl that for some reason, gives me a very vintage vibe.

I’ll begin with the lip scrub since that is the first step you would take when applying these products. The scrub is a clear gel (not sticky at all) with very fine sugar crystals which help to scrub off the dead skin, giving you softer lips. According to the instructions, you should first apply and gently massage into your moist lips and wash away with lukewarm water. I recommend dampening a cloth by running lukewarm over it and gently dab it on your lips until the scrub is removed/dissolved.


Ok, let’s get right into the Pros and Cons of this product:


1. This scrub smells AMAZING! A very strong, authentic juicy peach smell.

2. This scrub is gentle and wont hurt or scratch your lips but is strong enough to effectively remove the dead skin.


1. The packaging is a little disappointing for Etude House. There is just a cheap sticker with a matte finish covering the tube. I can tell that the image printed on the sticker may wear off over time.

2. The taste is a little strong – the sugar part tastes good but there is a bitter aftertaste. I know your not supposed to eat it, but since it goes over your lips, you can’t help but taste it sometimes.

3. If you have extremely dry lips with a lot of dead skin this product may be too mild. You may need a scrub with coarse sugar crystals in it.

Here it shows the ingredients in this product: Vitamin E acetate, Marine collegian, chamomile flower extract, macadamia Shea oil and mango seed butter.

Overall I do recommend this product as it does work. However, I don’t have much to compare it too as I have only ever used one other lip scrub before. (Bubblegum from Lush, and I don’t like it) But if you only have minor dead skin on your lips, or sensitive lips, I think this would work well for you. I don’t think I will be re-purchasing it though because I’m not crazy about the packaging and I do want to try other lip scrubs (like the one from Tony Moly in the cute lip shape container).

Now on to the lip concealer! First of all, why would you need a lip concealer? Well it’s the perfect tool if you want to try out the hot Korean makeup trend: Gradient lips/ Ombre lips. It’s also useful if you have a dark natural lip and you want to get the true color of your lipstick to show up on your lip. Another use I can see is if you have really full lips and you want to make them appear smaller for the cute innocent look.


According to this product, it evens out redness in lips, creating a smooth and natural surface for long-lasting lipstick application. Does this product live up to its claims? Lets find out.


1: the color really matched my skin and totally erased my lips.

2. I really appreciate how this lip concealer is in a chapstick tube instead of a pot like many other lip concealers on the market, because it makes it easier to apply to the lips.

3. If you blot this on your lips and then spread evenly by  dabbing with your finger, this product will not be drying. However, you wont get very great coverage using this method.


1. Like the lip scrub, the packaging looks cheap. I love the cute picture of the girl, but I just don’t like how it’s just printed on a cheap sticker.

2. This product is very very drying if you apply it the way you would apply a lip product (directly gliding it over your lips generously) This method gives you the best coverage but emphasizes/creates dead skin on your lips (even if you use the lip scrub prior).


Overall, I only recommend you buy this product if you do not have dry lips. I do not recommend you use this in the winter.

Finally I will review the lip perfume! This is the first product I bought from this line. I bought it in 2011 while I was in Korea for vacation. Even though the name may be confusing (what is a lip perfume??) this product is just a lip gloss. This product comes in 4 different flavors: Peach, Pink Grapefruit, Passionfruit and Green Apple.

I bought the one in Peach.



1. Amazing mouth watering peach smell, the same smell as the lip scrub (but no flavor).

2. Adorable packaging. There is no cheap sticker on this product, it came in a cute little box and the lip gloss is in a lip pot that is very high quality.

3. The lip gloss gives your lips a beautiful sheer tint and a lovely shine.

4. Very moisturizing and hydrating for my lips.

5. The product feels sticky on your fingers but I do not find this product sticky once it’s on my lips.


1. Some people may find the packaging to be unhygienic since you have to put your finger in the pot in order to apply the product.

2. The lack of flavor may disappoint some people as the smell makes you so tempted to lick your lips but the flavorlessness is just disappointing.

Overall I recommend this product! I’m not sure if it’s still available in stores because like I said, I bought it in 2011. But for those who order their Korean makeup online, it’s still available.

Reviewing: Lovely me:ex Design my Eyebrow

Ok so my next review will be on this ‘eyebrow maker’ by Lovely me:ex. I believe this brand is from The Face Shop but I’m not 100% sure.


I have always had a love-hate relationship with my eyebrows, one reason is because my hair is naturally dark brown and my eyebrows are an unforgiving JET BLACK. Another reason is that my eyebrows are very thick and dense. For a lot of people struggling with sparse eyebrows, they might envy my eyebrow situation but for me it’s a curse rather than a blessing because it gives me a strong/harsh look to my face. With that said, it seems like I would be the last person on the planet that needs an eyebrow pencil since my brows are very full and dense on their own. However, since I pluck my eyebrows myself, I am bound to make a mistake and since they are so bold an unforgiving, if I pluck one wrong hair there is a very noticeable gap that needs covering. This pencil allows me to cover that gap. Also, I have been changing my eyebrow shape over the past few months. I used to have a very arched eyebrow but I decided that it made me look too intimidating so I decided to grown them “Korean style” straight/flat and full. This gives my face a more youthful/innocent look – even with the bold blackness of my eyebrow. This pencil has helped me shape my eyebrow into the shape I want and gave me a guideline of where I need to grow the hair. It has also helped me a lot during the awkward stages of trying to grow fuller brows by masking all the gaps until it grew back fully.

The color I got was ‘black brown’ but there were many different colors to chose from in this line, such as, grey brown, dark brown, brown, dark grey and black brown. Usually when I buy a eyebrow product, the color is either too brown with reddish undertones or too black and makes my eyebrow look like it was drawn on with a permanent marker. This product is not like this and I have to say I really do like this product, here’s why:


1. The color selection is great and realistic, giving a natural look.

2. It gives me the perfect amount of coverage that I want. If you look at the swatch pic I posted above, you can see that it glides on very lightly, I had to apply some pressure in order for it to look that dark. Therefore, you are in total control; the harder you apply this product, the darker it will become.

3. the pen part is triangular shaped instead of a narrow pen tip so it covers more area at once making it look less “drawn on” and more natural (also I want to mention that there’s no sharpening involved, you just twist the bottom and like a lipstick, more product will come up, you can also twist it to make it go back down).

4. It also comes with a spooly on the end so that you can easily blend the color in with your eyebrow hair.

5. The formula is great! (Apparently it contains vegetable wax and Vitamin E) It’s long lasting and smudge proof.


1. If you are a blonde, these colors may not work for you.

That is the only con I can think of, overall this is a great product and I highly recommend it!