Where to find your Favorite Characters

In Korea, it’s very common for popular cosmetic brands to have collaborations with famous characters. Below I have provided some of the latest collabs with your favorite cartoon characters. Most of these are still available for purchase in store, and if you are not in Korea, you can always search for these online and order.

Note: These collection comes with more items than shown in the photo below, I am just featuring a few of the items in the collections.


Character: Frozen

Where to buy: Artbox, Olive Young

Brand: Peripera

Note: I have tried the Olaf pride up pressed powder and I do recommend it! It’s very soft and fine milled powder.



Character: Disney (Mickey Mouse, Monsters INC., Winnie the Pooh)

Where to buy: The Face Shop, LAP (Mickey and Minnie Mouse only)

Brand: The Face Shop, LAPCOS



Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/ecom0920/


Character: Pokemon:

Where to buy: Tony Moly

Brand: Tony Moly

Note: Each hand cream has a different scent: Pickachu: Vanilla, Jiggly puff: peach, Squirtle: Water Lily, Bulbasaur: Green Tea, Snore Lax: Lavendar, Eevie: Baby Powder, Charmander: Citrus, Togepi: Lemon. This collection is pretty huge, there are also facemasks, body butters, BB cushions, and nail polishes.




Character: Astro Boy

Where to Buy: Tony Moly

Brand: Tony Moly

Note: I have tried the Mighty Atom (AKA Astro Boy) cushion blusher ‘Christmas edition’ and it smelled delicious, like strawberries. It was great.



Kakao Friends: The Face Shop

Where to buy: The Kakao Friends Store, The Face Shop

Brand: The Face Shop




Character: Moomins:

Brand: Code, Demeter

Where to Buy: Olive Young

Note: I have tried one of the lip balms from this collection, not featured below in the photo (this collection is huge!) The lip balm was tinted, smelled beautiful and fruity and came adorably packaged. I recommend this if you want something from this collection but don’t want to splurge on it.




Character: barba papa

Where to Buy: The Style Nanda

Brand: 3CE



Character: Rilikkuma

Where to Buy: Watsons and Apeau

Brand: Apeau

Note: I have tried the cushion foundation in the yellow packaging. I don’t recommend it, It dried out my skin and did not look natural. If you want something from this collection, I recommend you get the eye shadows (which I have swatched in store) or lip products instead.



Character: Adventure Time

Where to Buy: Watsons

Brand: LaF

Note: I have the number 03 and 07 ampoules. Each ampoule is for a different problem area. I recommend these. However, only the disposable outer packaging is Adventure Time themed, and the actual ampoule eyedropper container is not themed.



Character: Alice in Wonderland

Where to Buy: Beyond

Brand: Beyond



Character: Shrek, Kungfu Panda and other Dream Works characters:

Where to Buy: Olive Young

Brand: Olive Young

Note: I have used many masks and the How to be Lovely scrub from this collection. everything I have used from this collection is great and I do recommend. The scrub feels refreshing and isn’t too harsh for your skin.



Character: Finding Dory

Where to Buy: Etude House

Brand: Etude House

Note: This is just a re-package of Etudes House permanent line Moistful collagen collection. I have tried this collection before and it’s really great. I believe it’s now hard to  find this Dory collab in stores but you can find it online.



Character: Dumbo

Where to Buy: Etude House

Brand: Etude House

Note: This is also a re-package of the moistful collagen collection.



Character: Missha

Where to Buy: Missha

Brand: Missha



Character: Sailor Moon

Where to Buy: Watsons, Olive Young

Brand: Miracle Romance

Note: This collection is quite pricey, I recommend to buy these when they are on sale. When I swatched the eyeliner in stores, it was really good and tried so quickly. It also did not smudge whatsoever.


Photo Credit: https://jupjip.wordpress.com


Character: Gudetama

Where to Buy: Holika Holika

Brand: Holika Holika


I really hope you enjoy this post. Although I did not try everything that I have featured, I can tell you that if you are a fan of any of these characters, then I recommend you at least buy something from these collections, even if it’s the cheapest thing in the collection. It’s worth it just as a collector.


Seoul Dessert Fair

On Sunday, I went to the 5th Seoul Dessert Fair, which was held in Seoul World Cup Stadium. This fair was a 2 day event, and started on Saturday September 24th. The entrance fee was 5,000 won at the door, and 3,000 won if you bought the tickets early online. We bought our tickets using coupang, an online discount website. TMON is also a great discount website to use to get tickets here in Korea. I had been looking forward to this event all week long, and the days leading up to the event I found myself searching hashtags related to the event and the participants. The event was filled with cute/interesting looking desserts that are the kind you would feel the urge to Instagram. I am so excited to show you some of the adorable dessert vendors that were at this fair. I will also leave their Instagram’s – if they have one below their photo’s so you guys can check them out.

At the entrance, there was a large display showcasing some of the more famous desserts available at the fair and a number indicating where their booth could be found.


All the photos I took at the fair were with my iphone, and I ended up accidentally deleting the originals and only keeping the versions I posted on instagram, so i’m sorry for the poor quality! Anyways, the most common kind of dessert that could be found at the fair were meringues, character macrons, sugar cookies, chocolate bars with dried fruits inside, jams and spreads, and teas. Most of the booths also provided free samples of their products. Because of this, I was in complete  sugar shock by the time I left.

One of the most popular phenomenon was probably the drinks by ‘gentle kiss’. I saw soo many posts about this on instagram and I knew I had to get in on it too. The best part was that it was cheap to buy this at only 3,000 won. It also came in an adorable bottle, and a wide variety of flavors, from teas to aides to coffee. We ordered green grape aide. They also had a special offer going on that if you posted a photo of yourself with your gentle kiss drink on instagram, you could get a free ice tea. I was so excited because now I could collect another cute bottle.


After quenching our thirsts, we decided to move to the next booth, which was another popular one that I have seen many times on instagram. WarmE is the name of this company, and they are known for their cute cake bars. I tried their samples and man were they delicious and moist (sorry if you hate the sound of that word). Some of the cute shapes that these cake bars come in are, a banana, Popsicle, watermelon, and Spongebob characters. The banana was the cheapest, and cutest in my opinion. It was 3,000 per cake bar, and the others were 5,000. You can check out Gentle Kiss Instagram: gentlekiss_

Of course I had to buy the cute banana and ended up giving it to my friend. But I heard the taste was kind of like cookie dough with chocolate chips inside, yummy! You can check out WarmE’s instagram: warme0310.


Another popular item being sold at the dessert fair was these chocolate bars with dried fruit in them. There were many different vendors selling these kinds of fruit and nut bars.They looked incredibly pretty and I was very tempted to buy these, however, the prices of these bars ranged from 5-6,000 won and I just couldn’t justify spending so much money on a chocolate bar. In the future, I want to try to create one of these bars by myself. The one featured above is made by a company called ‘Calon’. You can find them on instagram: calon_choco. Another popular vendor selling bars similar to this style was a company called, ‘BBMINT’. They also sell bars in the shape of pizza slices and looks incredibly cute. I didn’t take a photo of their booth though because there were always soo many people surrounding their table so I couldn’t get a good look. You can check BBMINTS instagram at: simjihoi.

The next purchase I made was by the company Seoul Cake: ‘jjungjjunga’ on instagram. I believe they are most famous for their beautiful rainbow pound cakes. However upon visiting their booth, I couldn’t help but notice their cute unicorn sugar cookies and knew I had to buy one. The unicorns came in different hair colors. Green, blue, purple, pink, and yellow. I bought the pink one. I believe this cookie was around 2 or 3,000 won.


I actually ended up snapping the poor things neck. So I attempted to edit the photo in an app on my phone so that’s the reason why it looks so weird near the neck section.

The next dessert I purchased was an adorable flower pot cake. If you have seen one of my previous posts about Banana Tree, you would probably think that these desserts look similar to the pudding cakes in the flower pot from Banana Tree. The difference is that with these flower pot cakes, the pot is edible and is made from cookie. Also unlike the flowers pots from Banana Tree, the flowers in the pots are edible too and not just a decoration.




When we bought these flower pot cakes, they packed it for us and included a cute plastic shovel spoon. Unfortunately I do not remember the company name.

Here is a photo of my Seoul Dessert Fair haul:


Below are some photos of the other booths I saw while at the fair:


There were many cute meringues for sale.


Such cute pound cakes!




Rose shaped meringues inside of a bouquet.


Cute character cookies.




More character cupcakes.

I hope you guys have enjoyed my post and the photo’s I took of the event. Again, I am sorry about the low quality photos!